Beginners Reading Pack
Beginners Reading Pack
Beginners Reading Pack

Beginners Reading Pack

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Wipe able worksheets

5 pack of wipeable sheets, 3 pages of information and 2 coloured whiteboard markers.

Great fun and learning activity in one

Here is our Beginners Reading Pack.
I have included 5 sheets that are aimed at children who are beginning to learn how to read.  
You also receive 3 pages of activities and information that will help you guide your child and give you more in depth ways to use the sheets.
I have tried to keep it simple and easy for both parents and children and to make learning fun.
Below I have given a brief description of each page (Please note - detailed activities are only included on the sheets that you purchase)
Page 1- Welcome letter and basic info sheet
Page 2 – Alphabet Sheet- Basic font with alphabet designed to help your child recognise both upper and lower case letters and practice writing them.
Page 3 – Top 100 sight words. These words are the most common words that appear on almost any page of text. They are very frequent, however many of the words can’t be “sounded” out and children are expected to learn them by sight and to recognise them when they appear.  
Focus on teaching them in small batches at a time. Get them familiar with saying them. Recognising the letters in them and then reading the words.
Page 4- Words that I can write sheet – Blank writing Sheet
Page 5- First Word and sentence Sheet- A visual sheet to help prompt recognising some basic words and to help with forming basic sentences
Page 6 – Word of the day – This sheet is an interactive sheet that is ideal to be displayed somewhere. You choose a word and use the sheet as a visual aid for your child to learn the word. You keep the same word on there until your child is confident that they know it. If they cannot write it in a sentence you can just get them to try and use it in a sentence.
Pages 7 and 8 – Guided information for you to help your child use this pack.
Please remember, there is no right or wrong way for your child to learn. They all learn at different paces and some children need more help with specific areas. Some children are very visual and others more verbal. Pages 7 & 8 give ideas and activities that are both so you can trial which ones work best for your child and use what works for them.

You can purchase an additional 6 coloured whiteboard markers
for $5

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