Refunds & Returns

Refunds & Returns

Requests for refunds/replacements must be placed with Four Little Loves within 24 hours from the date you received your order from Australia Post. 

If you receive a product that you believe is not what you expected or believe was falsely advertised, or an item that turns out to be faulty by manufacturer, we will only replace the item or refund your money at Four Little Loves discretion.
It is your full responsibility to mail the item back to us being Four Little Loves within 7 days in its original and undamaged condition.

Please email your order number/tax invoice number and your request to We ask that you be as detailed as possible and include photos of the actual item if possible, so we can work out the best solution for you. We will not refund/replace your order if incorrect or insufficient information is provided.

All refunds and/or replacements will be up to Four Little Loves discretion and all decisions are final.

Once the item/product has been returned to Four Little Loves and we have received it, Four Little Loves will acknowledge the receipt via email to you.

If or once the return/refund has been approved we will be in touch with you with further detailed instructions either by email or by phone, so we can work out the best possible options for the return/refund process.

If you are unhappy with Four Little Loves products based on your expected desire or you think it is not suitable for you, or you have decided to change your mind, we cannot offer a refund, or exchange. Due to the nature of some of our custom made products once the work has started we can not change any details.
We will also not be able to replace or refund your order, if any of the edible items have already been unwrapped or has been exposed.

Four Little Loves is more than happy to hear your comments and/or feedback to find out what made you dislike our product. We truly do value your feedback as a valued customer and we continuously aim to improve our products to make you happy and satisfied.

When you place an order with Four Little Loves it is your responsibility to enter the correct delivery address. Please always check if your delivery details are correct at the check out, as we cannot refund shipping costs. Pease contact Four Little Loves and we can help assist you in updating the correct details provided that the order is still pending for dispatch and hasnt been custom made.

If by chance a parcel is lost in transit we cannot give a refund or replacement of product until a full investigation is done with Australia Post, which can take up to 6 weeks from the time you notified us that your goods have not been received.

Four Little Loves will not refund or credited any discounts or vouchers applied at the time of purchase. We also will not refund any gift vouchers that have expired.

All nutrition Information and Ingredients should be listed on any edible products that we sell, if not and you require such information, please email us at so we can assist you

Refunds are not offered for change of mind.

Please note that if we offer a refund, you will be charged a 10% fee for cancellation.

Refunds for faulty items are only accepted within 30 days of purchase if the faulty item is returned at the purchasers cost.



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